What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency in Marshfield, MO; Shut Off Water Main, Turn Off Water Heater & More

Any time you are dealing with a plumbing emergency in your home, it’s a nightmare. Water is something you don’t want to mess with when it comes to property damage and repair. This is why it is important that you act quickly when it comes to plumbing emergencies. Randall’s Plumbing is here to explain what you should do if you happen to see there is a problem with your plumbing.

Stay Calm in an Emergency Situation

When you see water leaking in your home, it can be easy to panic. No one wants to deal with leaking water in their house. It is important that you assess the situation, and this is best done when you are staying calm and collected. You need to gauge the severity of the problem so you can take the next steps needed in solving it.

Shut Off Water Main

The first thing you can do when you see water leaking in your home is to cut the water source. When you shut of the water from the main in your home, you don’t have to worry about water pouring into your home and causing significantly more damage that it already has. If you are dealing with a problem that is less severe, you can always turn off the water to an individual toilet or faucet to limit the water going to that source. It is extremely important that you know where the main water line into your home is so that in a situation that is emergent, you know exactly where to go to turn off the water.

Turn Off Water Heater

Your next step should be to turn off the water heater. If you have turned off the main water line into your home and not turned off the water heater as well, it can overheat and even end up bursting from the pressure. If you have a gas heater, you need to turn off the gas before you turn off the water heater.

Clean Up After Water Leak

If the leak is bad enough, you may still have water in your home even after you have turned the water off. This is where some cleanup comes into play. You will need to open up the drains and even utilize the hose to get rid of any excess water in your home. This will help you minimize the damage that is left behind from the leak. You can also use buckets and towels to get the last little bit cleaned up.

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Any time you have a significant plumbing emergency on your hands, you shouldn’t try and fix the problem on your own. You need the help of a reputable plumber to get your system put back together and repaired. At Randall’s Plumbing we offer plumbing emergency services that will have you covered the next time you find yourself face to face with a plumbing emergency. Call us today!

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