How to Fix Leaking Garbage Disposal in Conway, MO; Check Dishwasher Connection, Inspect Sink Flange & More

The plumbing in your house is a part of the home that you use in many aspects. When you go to take a shower, wash your dishes or get a drink you are using your plumbing. You also need to use your plumbing system as a way to remove waste from the house. You want to be sure you are aware of the issues that might come up with the plumbing system. There is not much that is worse than having a leak in your house and water soaking your home. You also don’t want to have sewer that is backing up in the home which is part of the plumbing system as well. One area of the plumbing system that you might end up with issues is the sink in your kitchen. The sink usually has two sinks with a faucet. Under the sink there are parts and components that also are attached such as the dishwasher hook ups and the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal is a necessary part of being able to clean your dishes after a meal. Randall’s Plumbing outlines what you need to know about your leaking garbage disposal.

Working Principle of Garbage Disposal

When you are cleaning your dishes and you have food particles that are stuck to the dishes it can start to clog the sink. The great thing is that you have a switch near the sink that you can use to turn on your garbage disposal. This works to crush the food down to smaller pieces so that they can then make it through the drain and lines. This is important to make sure that it can continue to drain the water and the food particles. You want to make sure that you know when it is leaking and what needs to be done to repair it.

Dishwasher Connected to Garbage Disposal

If you look under the sink at the garbage disposal you will likely see that there is a connection that is coming from the dishwasher into the side of the garbage disposal. The connection is there to make sure that the water that is being sent from the dishwasher is in the garbage disposal so that it can be crushed down. This connection can sometimes be loose or it can be damaged. If this happens you might start to see that there is water leaking under your sink. This connection can be repaired and replaced by a professional plumber.

Garbage Disposal Sink Flange

The garbage disposal has to be attached to the sink so that anything that comes through the drain will go through the garbage disposal. The connection can be damaged and the flange can be worn out. If this happens you will often see that water is dripping slowly down the side of the disposal and into the cabinet. You want to make sure that you have this repaired by a professional to ensure that no more water damage is occurring.

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