What Shouldn’t Go Down the Sink Drain or Garbage Disposal in St. Robert, MO; Rice, Grease, Eggshells & More

When it comes to your kitchen sink, there are some times that it may seem easier to just let whatever is in that cup or bowl simply go down the drain. This is one of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make. What you put down your sink matters and when you aren’t careful, you can end up with a clogged drain. Randall’s Plumbing is here to talk about some things that you should never let go down your sink drain to help you avoid future clogs.

Do Coffee Grounds Dissolve in Drain

It may seem simple enough to allow the coffee grounds from this morning’s brew get flushed right down the drain. After all, it is all ground up into little bits and pieces, right? This is something that makes the list of things that should never get flushed down your sink drain. When it gets into your pipes and mixes with water, it almost instantly turns into a sludge that causes clogs and draining issues.

Can You Pour Grease Down the Drain?

Most people realize that they shouldn’t simply allow grease to wash down the drain. However, it is a big enough issue and we come across it enough, that it needs to be added to the list. For most kitchens, there is a fair amount of grease that is found on a day to day basis with all the cooking that goes on in your kitchen. Not only does the grease solidify in the pipes and cause clogging problems, but there is often food attached to the oil and grease as well. It is best to pour left over grease from cooking into a bottle or jar and throw it away in the trash.

Is it Safe to Put Pasta & Rice in Sink Drain

Who doesn’t love eating food that has pasta or rice involved? Many people enjoy these two sides with many meals they eat. When you have a garbage disposal, it seems like it’s perfectly reasonable to put it in the disposal and wash it down the drain. The reason you should avoid these two substances in your sink drain is because they both expand when they sit in water. They absorb the water and change size. This means big problems for your drain.

Can You Put Eggshells in the Garbage Disposal

Eggshells may seem fragile enough that they wouldn’t cause problems if you put them in your disposal and ground them up. While they may be fragile, they aren’t good for your plumbing system and shouldn’t be washed down the drain. They often get stuck in oils and greases found in the sink and cause clogs. The thin membrane also sticks to the inside of your pipes and starts to cause buildup that makes it hard for your drain to work properly.

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