Relocating Bathroom Plumbing when Remodeling in Lebanon, MO; Installing New Sink, Shower & More

When doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel, the room can undergo a lot of changes including changes in the plumbing and other related fixtures. A number of remodeling changes affect the home plumbing. Therefore, there are certain plumbing considerations you must know before moving forward with certain parts of the remodel. Randall’s Plumbing will share some of the top plumbing remodeling considerations to avoid major plumbing issues.

New Kitchen or Bathroom Sinks

When you plan to update countertops and sinks in either the bathroom or in the kitchen, sometimes the new location of the sink will not meet up with the original plumbing. When redesigning the countertop and location of the sink, you will need to either keep the sink in its original place or move the plumbing so that it will hook up to the new sink. In this instance, a lot of plumbing adjustments must be done early on during the remodeling project.

Bathtub & Shower Plumbing

When you are installing a new shower or bathtub, and you plan to completely redesign the original layout, you will need to make a number of plumbing changes. Sometimes when replacing a tub, you might find the drainage system needs to have some adjustments. Showers are notorious for needing plumbing repairs and adjustments so that the water waste safely drains away. If the drainage system is compromised, water can back up into the shower. Consult a plumber about wanting plumbing changes will be needed for you bathtub and shower changes.

Refrigerator Water Line Installation

When remodeling an older home, you will probably want to update your kitchen with modern appliances. Often refrigerators with water and ice markers require a water supply line which may not be present. In this case, the homeowner will need to add a refrigerator water hookup line. A plumber will need to route a water supply line and a refrigerator water hookup valve. It is also common during a remodel to discover the drainage line needs to be cleaned out or they need to be replaced.

Install New Bathroom or Kitchen Faucets

Sometimes during a remodel, it is common to replace the faucets in the bathroom and in the kitchen. When faucets aren’t installed correctly, they can have leaks and cause major water damage. To avoid water damage to your new remodel, consider having your faucet installed by a professional plumber. Faucets during a remodel can be a major investment. It is strongly encouraged to seek professional installation to secure your recent investment.

Plumbing Fixture Installation & More in Marshfield, Conway & Greater Lebanon, Missouri

During a major remodel or even add-on to a home, the electrical, structural, and plumbing system will need to be adjusted and added. When planning out a remodel, often the electrical and plumbing system need to be completed early on during the remodel. A number of plumbing features need to be added during a major remodel. To avoid cutting through walls to add plumbing lines, it best to do the plumbing before major drywall and other structures are put in place. When needing plumbing services during a remodel, or you need professional help installing new faucets and other fixtures, contact Randall’s Plumbing and schedule our services today.

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