How Do You Know when It’s Time to Replace a Toilet in Marshfield, MO; Keeps Clogging, Low Water Level & More

Like most things inside the home, a toilet will eventually need to be replaced. Replacing a toilet can be done rather fast. However, it is knowing when to replace the toilet that can pose the greatest challenge. Most people will never read the signs that there is an issue with their toilet and a replacement is needed. Randall’s Plumbing would like to share some of the common signs that you need to replace your home’s toilets.

Damage to Toilet Bowl or Tank

It is never a good sign if the toilet bowl or the tank has any damages such as cracks or scratches. Damage to the bowl is never good as any additional weight can cause the bowl to break. The tank can erode and damages can get worse. If the bowl or tank’s ability to hold water or its shape is compromised, it is better to replace the toilet than risk flooding the inside of the home. If the tank breaks or the bowl breaks and water leaks out, the internal mechanism will be stuck open, allowing water to flow out freely.

Age of the Toilet

Sometimes a good sign you should replace the toilet is simply by its age. Older toilet fixtures use much more water than modern toilets. Back in 1994, Federal guidelines were put in place to reduce the amount of water used in toilets to prevent water waste. Not only are older toilets no longer up to Federal guidelines, but they are costing more money on your water bill. Simply by installing a new toilet you can save money on your water bill.

Toilet Keeps Clogging

Where one clog here and there can be expected, frequent clogs can indicate a much bigger problem. Frequent clogs can be a sign that something is not right with the toilet. Sometimes the culprit can be a child flushing toys down the toilet, or too much toilet paper. However if clogs persist, there is either a major issue with the toilet and its flushing power, or the sewer line is clogged. Both need to be investigated.

Low Water Level in Toilet

Does the toilet’s water levels keep dropping in the bowl? This is a sign the toilet bowl water is leaking and most likely from underneath the toilet. A toilet uses a sponge ring or wax ring to seal the toilet to the sewer pipe. If the toilet has been damaged or the ring has been compromised, water will continually leak. If the toilet has been damaged then it will need to be replaced. Sometime the wax or sponge ring is what needs to be replaced. Seek out a professional plumber if this issue occurs.

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Toilets are fairly inexpensive and most problems will go away simply by replacing the toilet. When signs emerge that the toilet has a problem it is most likely time for a replacement. If you need help determining the cause of your toilet issue or replacing your home toilet or other plumbing issues, contact Randall’s Plumbing and schedule our services today.

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