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Does Pouring DIY Chemical Liquid Drain Cleaner Down Drains Damage Pipes in Lebanon, MO?

A rather obnoxious problem to contend with, that is also incredibly common, are drain clogs, particularly in the bathroom. The ideal solution recommended by most industry professionals, is to rely on a plunger, muscle, and some patience in order to remedy the clogged drain. Unfortunately, homeowners are programmed to utilize liquid drain cleaners that are…

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Warning Signs Hot Water Heater is Broken or Going Out & You Need to Replace in St Robert, MO

Without a properly working water heater, life can be pretty miserable. Just like most appliances, they don’t last forever, and will eventually need to be replaced. You can count on most water heaters lasting between 10-15 years before they need replacement. If you don’t know what you are looking for, you can end up with…

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Plumbing Issues of Polybutylene Pipes with Copper Fittings & Cost of Replacement in Conway, MO

The use of polybutylene piping in your home’s water supply is not ideal. Though most modern homes are not equipped with this piping, many homes built in past decades could have easily constructed with the polybutylene piping. Today, we at Randall’s Plumbing would like to discuss the problem with polybutylene piping in your in Lebanon,…

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