What to Do if Something Falls Down the Drain in Conway, MO; Turn Off Faucet, Open Sink Trap & More

It is important to not panic, no matter if you lost a valuable ring while washing dishes, an earring slipped off and went straight down the drain or you dropped some other precious item into the sink. You stand a good chance at retrieving your item with no harm done, armed with a bit of old-fashioned plumber know-how. Today, we at Randall’s Plumbing would like to tell you how to address objects dropping down the drain.

How Do You Get Something that Fell Down the Sink, Bath or Shower Drain?

Flip Off the Faucet. As soon as you see the item drop down the sink drain, shut off the water immediately. Prevent items from flushing further into the plumbing system by quickly turning off the faucet or starters.
Is the Item that Fell Down the Drain Magnetic? It may be easy to retrieve from the plumbing drain if the item you dropped is magnetic. Make sure your knots are tight, tie a small, strong magnet to a piece of string and insert it into the sink drain. You will be able to pull the object right up out of the drainpipe if you are lucky. Though few things are magnetic, the easiest solution is always worth an initial try.
Open Up the Sink Trap. You will need to check the sink trap, which is the J-shaped pipe directly under your sink if in the event the magnet trick does not work. Use pliers or a wrench to remove the slip nuts after placing a bucket under the trap. You should see your lost item when you pull off the trap and give it a shake.
Going Beyond the Trap. Within the pipes, plumbing systems have several traps and bends. Your expert plumber can check other potential hiding spots in the event your item is not in the under-sink trap. An expert can reach deeper into the plumbing to retrieve your lost item using specialized tools and techniques.
If the Item is Nothing of Value. Dropping the toothpaste cap down the sink drain, or an inexpensive hair clip happens from time to time. If nothing has value, many homeowners wonder if they need to bother retrieving something that fell down the drain.

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You should indeed try to retrieve any object that falls down the drain. As soon as possible, any solid object dropped into the drain needs to be pulled out. It can start to accumulate hair and debris, eventually leading to a clog in the plumbing if you leave the item in place. Contact Randall’s Plumbing in the event you can’t retrieve whatever has fallen down your sink drain, or you would rather have an experienced licensed plumber take care of the task. We can help you retrieve any fallen items when lose them down the drain among other plumbing tasks. Our plumbers have the initial forming training and daily experience to make them experts in the fields. We use advanced equipment and premium products to execute quality services for long-term results. For your plumbing services in the Greater Lebanon, MO area, call in the professionals of Randall’s Plumbing and let us serve you!

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