What Happens when there is a Leakage in Sewer Pipes in Saint Robert, MO? Running Water & More

A sewer leak can be very difficult to detect as much of it is underground. The sewer line is the final pipe that all of the home water waste will funnel through. If the sewer line breaks, all of that water waste will leak out. Sewer breaks can happen near the home or in the yard. A sewer leak can lead to a number of different problems including damages to the home. Randall’s Plumbing will share a few signs that you may have a sewer leak and why it is important to call the professionals.

Sound of Running Water

When you hear the sound of constant running water or dripping water, it is never a good sign. To know for sure that the water sound is due to a sewer leak, start by checking all of the faucets and toilets and see if they are the source of the leaking water sound first. If the faucets do not drip and the toilet is not leaking, the water sound may be coming from the sewer line. The location of the leak may be closer to the home if you are hearing the sound of water. If this is the case, the foundation of the home may be exposed to water and be damaged.

Wet Floor in House

Did you wake up to soggy damp floors? Start by checking all of the appliances such as the wash machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator to see if one of them are the culprit for the damp flooring. Next, look for signs of a broken pipe within the walls. If all of these common indoor flooding sources come up empty, then the likely culprit is the sewer line. If there is damp floor, the sewer line probably developed a leak very close to the home and may be one of the drainage pipes that leads to the sewer line that is leaking.

Lush Green Grass

When the sewer breaks away from the home, somewhere in the yard the landscaping will often begin telling you the tales. When you have new healthy lawn or vegetation growth in your yard, it is a common sign that there is a sewer leak. The trees, grass and other plants are being well fed and have found a new source of water and food. A sewer line that is leaking is a great source of food and water and the landscaping will flourish. Another landscaping tale, is mushy moisture-filled ground. When the grass and soils turn to mush there is too much water in the ground. In many case the super moist ground points to the location of the leak.

Sewage Smell

When there is a leak in the sewer line you will smell it. Nothing going through a sewer smells great. Due to the collection of bad odors, a sewer leak will smell bad. Inside the home and even the yard will smell really bad. For smaller leaks, they will also lead to mildew, and mold development also will give off a sewage odor. You will have musty odors as well. Sewer leaks simply will smell bad and this a clear sign that there is a leak present.

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