Water Backing Up? What Causes a Dishwasher Not to Drain all the Way in Lebanon, MO

For many of us, a dishwasher isn’t a luxury, it is a must have. Most of us can’t imagine picking up the workload that our dishwasher does by washing our dishes by hand. The ease of loading your daily dishes into an appliance that will wash them as you get other daily tasks done, is irreplaceable. That’s why it’s such a big deal when your dishwasher isn’t working the way that it should. When your dishwasher is broken, you realize very quickly how much you took it for granted. Randall’s Plumbing is here to talk about dishwasher problems and what is likely causing them.

How Do You Tell if a Dishwasher Drain is Clogged?

If you have a clog in your dishwasher that isn’t allowing it to drain as it should, there will be signs that point to it. Look for the following:
– Abnormal Sounds: If your dishwasher starts to make strange sounds, you will likely notice. Many of us are very used to the sounds that come from our dishwasher. Some strange sounds are gurgling, shaking or thumping sounds coming from the unit.
– Water Backing Up into the Sink: If your dishwasher is installed properly, it should be hooked up to your kitchen sink. When water starts backing up into your sink, it’s a sign of poor drainage.
– Water in Dishwasher: Once your dishwasher has finished a cycle, it shouldn’t have any water in the bottom of it.
– Dirty Dishes: Clogs in your main or secondary sewer line don’t allow water to get into the dishwasher and can leave your dishes far from clean.

Why is Dishwasher Full of Water at the Bottom?

These are the most common causes for a clogged dishwasher that can’t drain properly.
– Clogged Filter Basket: There is a filter basket in the bottom of your dishwasher that keeps food and other particles from entering the pipes as your dishwasher drains. If this filter isn’t cleaned regularly, it can cause drainage problems.
– Clogged Drain Hose: The drain hose connecting your sink and dishwasher can often get a buildup of sludge that doesn’t allow it to drain properly.
– Garbage Disposal: A poorly installed garbage disposal can cause drainage issues for a dishwasher as well as putting things in your garbage disposal that don’t belong there.
– Clogged Drains: If there are clogs that are further down the sewer line, it can cause issues with your dishwasher when the clogs are severe enough.
– Broken Sewer Line: A broken sewer line wouldn’t only cause problems with your dishwasher, but all the drains found in your home.

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If you have a dishwasher that isn’t draining as it should, and you have cleaned the filter basket with no improvement, you can call on the professionals at Randall’s Plumbing to help you get to the bottom of the problem. We will respond quickly to your call as we understand that your dishwasher is an important appliance in your home. Call us today!

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