What are the Most Common Household Plumbing Problems in Conway, MO? Galvanized Pipes & More

Investing in a classic home and trying to keep it as close as possible to its original state is one of the biggest trends in modern homeownership. An unfortunate fact is that older homes often come with hidden plumbing issues although this is a commendable goal for the preservation of older homes. The plumbing in a classic home can quickly become an expensive problem without regular maintenance or after an intense bout of weather. Today, we at Randall’s Plumbing would like to share the common issues in older homes to help you avoid buying a problem home or knowing which plumbing issues should be your priority.

Is it Bad to have Galvanized Pipes?

It is common for galvanized iron pipes to have a coat of protective zinc throughout the system in older homes. The zinc wears off, and your iron pipes are completely exposed to the possibility of rust and corrosion, over the years, though zinc was used to prevent corrosion in pipes. The water pressure throughout your home will begin to weaken, and the water coming out of your faucets will be rust-colored and full of iron when this occurs. By installing new copper or polyethylene pipes, a licensed plumber can resolve the problem of corroded galvanized pipes.

What Happens if Water Heater Breaks?

Disaster can strike when their time is up, though water heaters can operate smoothly for years. Though the water heater provides years, maybe even decades of service, its time will eventually come. Be certain to uncover the true age of the hot water heater during your home inspection. Know that going forward with this unit is an extreme gamble if it is older than 12 years. Your best bet would be to request that the seller includes a new hot water heater as a concession in the sale at this point in time. It will save the buyer a massive problem in the long term since this move may be a headache on both ends of a deal.

What is a Bellied Pipe?

The soil beneath an older home will shift over the years. Shifting soil can eventually begin to cave-in, or “belly,” your pipes as older sewer lines rest beneath the foundation of a home. The root of a slow toilet drains or a clog that just won’t quit can be a bellied pipe. Creating a crack in the sewer line that requires immediate plumber attention the belly will rupture in extreme cases, however.

Bad Plumbing Fixtures

As they age, they lose their efficiency and start costing owners some serious, as great as old fixtures look in your sinks and bathtubs. It is always best to have your fixtures checked out and to find a modern replacement with a similar aesthetic from deteriorating washers to valves that spring a leak.

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