Warning Signs Your Hot Water Heater is Going Out & How to Know when to Replace in Conway, MO

You may take for granted the hot water in your home until you turn on the hot water only to find that it’s cold. Your water heater is responsible for this luxury, and there are several signs that indicate your water heater is on its way out. Once you see any of these signs, you know it is time to start thinking about a replacement. Randall’s Plumbing is here to talk about the many signs that you should be aware of.

How Do You Know Your Water Heater is Leaking or Bad?

1: Age of the Water Heater– If you have no idea when the water heater was last replaced in your home, there is a good chance it is getting old. You can count on your water heater lasting about 10-15 years before you usually find yourself replacing it.
2: Rusty Water– It is always concerning when you turn on your water to find that it is orange with rust in it.
3: No Hot Water– Nothing is worse than expecting your water to be hot only to find that it is cold. You could have a pilot light that needs to be re-lit, a circuit breaker that has tripped or you may need to replace your water heater.
4: Water Heater Sediment Buildup– You may find muddy or sediment in your water when you turn it on. This could be a sign that the hot water heater is getting old. Sometimes you can drain the tank and refill it to solve the problem. If you continue to have muddy water, replace your water heater.
5: Luke Warm Water– If you are getting warm water that never quite reaches the temperature you are looking for, your heating element may be going out. To check this, you can adjust the temperature on your water heater to see if help you get warmer water.
6: Unusual Noises from Water Heater– When your water heater starts to make loud noises that are abnormal, it is a big indicator that your water heater is on its last leg.
7: Constant Water Heater Repairs– If you find yourself calling for repairs to your water heater constantly, you may actually save money by replacing your old water heater with a new, more efficient one.
8: Metallic Taste in Drinking Water– As your water heater ages, flakes of the inner tank may make its way into your water. This will make the water taste and smell like metal.
9: Leaking Water Heater– The biggest sign that you need a new water heater is leaking. The hoses that attach to the top of your water heater will often start to leak when your water heater is on its way out.

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