How to Pet Proof Plumbing in Richland, MO; Cover Exposed Water Pipes, Use Drain Guards & More

Many of us enjoy the companionship that comes from our furry friends. These same beloved pets can also cause several plumbing problems if you aren’t careful though. Did you know that nearly a third of Americans have either a cat or a dog? It’s no secret that we love our pets. We love them even more when they aren’t destroying something as important as the plumbing system that runs through our home though. Randall’s Plumbing is here to talk about some ways that you can pet-proof your plumbing system to avoid costly repairs.

Cover Exposed Water Pipes

When you have a small child that you are trying to keep safe, it is fairly simple right; keep the dangerous things out of reach or hidden. If you have any exposed pipes in your home, you will want them to be covered as well as any wiring so that your pets are safe and so is your plumbing and electrical system. You can purchase basic plumbing covers at your local hardware store, or even build your own plumbing covers if you are ambitious. A pipe that your dog has chewed through can cause a great deal of damage that will leave you wishing you had taken these preventative steps.

Invest in Sink Drain Guards

Do you struggle with clogged drains on a regular basis? The leading cause of clogged drains is hair. You may be thinking that human hair is the hair we are talking about, but you would be wrong. Pet hair is the leading cause of clogged drains. This problem is an easy one to fix too. Just invest in some decent drain guards that will catch all of that pet hair before it makes its way into your drains.

You Should Put the Toilet Lid Down!

It can be hard to create new habits, but leaving up the toilet seat is asking for your pets to get into the toilet. The problem with your pet getting into your toilet isn’t because the toilet is disgusting. Many people use chemicals to clean their toilets and the residue that is left behind from those cleaners can be toxic to your pets as well. Of course, they are likely just looking for a drink and keeping their water dish topped off will keep them from looking for water elsewhere. It should be filled twice a day to ensure they have the water they need.

Keep Your Dog from Digging Holes in the Yard

Your plumbing system has pipes that are usually running through your yard to your home. Some dogs are more prone to digging than others, but if your dog is a digger, you need to supervise them when in the backyard. Dogs can usually easily dig down to your sewer pipes and cause cracks as well as ruptures. These can be costly and pose a threat to your health.

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If you have plumbing problems that have been caused by your pets, you can rely on Randall’s Plumbing to give you the help you need to repair any of these problems. Call us today!

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