How to Prevent Common Plumbing Problems in Marshfield, MO; Toilet Overflowing, Blocked Drains & More

A never-ending responsibility for homeowners is the maintenance. A lot of work and dedication is necessary to keep everything in the home operating efficiently and smoothly. Repairs are to be expected when it comes to the plumbing however, professionals noticed common repairs that can be avoided. Though we at Randall’s Plumbing are happy to help our customers with their repairs, we would like to share the common repairs and how you can avoid them from occurring.

Toilet Overflowing

Seeing the bowl continue to fill after flushing the toilet is an experience that is of the most anxiety-inducing plumbing issues. Not only keeping you from having access to your facilities at home, this dilemma can be quite costly. Be sure to preserve the area around your toilet clear of your accessories and make certain you read the label on all products.

Toilet Keeps Running

A direct opposite event of an overflowing toilet is a running toilet. Having a running toilet indicates a sign of leak. To help you ensure that all components are functioning properly and making certain they are in a correct position, check your valves routinely to prevent this complication.

Clogged & Blocked Drains

The plumbing system’s drains can be easily obstructed since they are primarily designed for the passage of liquids. A challenge to remedy in some instances, other debris can find its way into the drain that result in the clogs. Use hair stoppers for shower drains and kitchen drains should use sink strainers and garbage disposals efficiently as preventive measures to avoid the clogs.

Leaking Faucet

Continually leaking or dripping faucets are a big waste of water and money. Optimally done at the start of each season, check the washers that seal your pipes are properly tightened and undamaged during your inspection.

Low Water Pressure

Homeowners are often inconvenienced and annoyed with low-water pressure. This issue can be an underlying issue in the home’s plumbing system; however, it can also involve a problem with the municipality in which you live. Have your plumbing inspected annually and improve the water pressure by eliminating unnecessary appliances and fixtures.

Water Pipe Leak

Eventually developing expensive complications and even flood damage, leaky pipes are frequently culprit. To avoid leaks and serious consequences, be sure to have your pipes professionally inspected once or twice a year, particularly just before the winter.

Too Plumbing Fixtures in a Space

Too many pipes or fixtures overburdening an already tight space can be a great burden, causing serious problems for you or a professional, getting the tools and maneuvering can be challenging. A preventative maintenance to better repairs and replacements is worth investing in a remodeling to improve the space and a more efficient and functional system.

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