Home Plumbing Inspection Checklist in Conway, MO; How to Check Drains, Fixtures, Lines & More when Buying a House

First be aware that plumbing systems will eventually succumb to wear and corrosion. As water flows through copper piping/tubing it wears away the copper. Copper in resistant but not proof against corrosion. Plastic systems are the most resistant, but water friction does erode even plastic, it may take 100 years, but it does wear. Galvanized pipe is zinc coated and zinc is a sacrificial rust protectant. The zinc corrodes not the iron, at least until the zinc is gone, then goes the iron/steel pipe. Drains are subject to mechanical stress, and the older cast iron types are very susceptible to corrosion. Like our arteries there are deposits that can build up at the joints or imperfections in the drainpipe causing stoppage. Along with inspections, appraisals, credit checks and a mountain of paperwork, you may want to consider having a plumbing inspection. Peace of mind, but in an older home probably a well spent investment. Randall’s Plumbing outlines what you want to consider in a plumbing inspection for a home purchase.

Sewer Mains Inspection

Noting is more frustrating and nerve grating than a drain that won’t drain. You may consider having a visual inspection into the drain, particularly the one running from the home to the main municipal sewer line. A camera inspection will reveal any problems that may be lurking underground. The problem is that fixing the main, i.e. from house to the street is expensive, very expensive. Peace of mind, knowing you have no problems. You are responsible for the line from your house to the main under street line. These can be up to 12 feet deep or more. An inspection may save you considerable headache and expense. Caught in time these can be relined at considerable savings and with a long-projected lifespan.

Testing Hot Water Heater

The primary point of failure in the homes water supply is the water heater. Give or take a year or two the average water lasts about 10 years. Of course, this depends on water quality, how the heater is being used, maintenance and installation. Water purifications systems like softeners and reverse osmosis systems significantly improve the working environment for the water heater. A water heater leak, depending on its location can destroy flooring and drywall. Model and serial numbers can reflect the age of the heater’s manufacturing date. Size, for a home of four you’re going to use more than 40 gallons of hot water, versus 30 gallons for an apartment. During the inspection the plumber can evaluate the size of the heater versus the estimated need in light of the home’s occupants. Homes with small children will need more hot water versus a home with adults. Nothing causes dissatisfaction and anger than running out of hot water in a middle of a shower. Not to mention getting a blast of cold water.

Toilet Leak Detection

A common occurrence and one usually not addressed are leaks around the base of the toilet. But in homes with subflooring or basements this is cause for structural failure over time. Bowls should not rock. It should feel solid and should not rock or slide. Toilets like other appliances have a life span. A hard water deposits build up over time, they restrict the water flow during flushing. The only choice is replacement. It may also pay during negotiations on price, knowing that the toilet fill valve and flush flapper valve need replacement.

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Buying a home is the single largest investment that the average person commits to. It is valuable knowledge to know if you have galvanized water pipes, copper drains, lead closet bends, or inferior piping systems. This also arms you with valuable information for negotiating the purchase of the home. When buying a home, get a hold of a credible, licensed and insured plumber like Randall’s Plumbing for your inspection. A little up-front fee can save you a bundle later. Call us for all your plumbing needs.

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