Does Polybutylene Pipe Need to Be Replaced in Lebanon, MO? How Do I Know My House Has this Plumbing?

It is not good if polybutylene piping is used in your home’s water supply. Quite a few homes built in past decades could have easily been constructed with polybutylene piping though most modern homes are not equipped with this inferior piping material. The problem with polybutylene piping in your in Lebanon, MO home is what…

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What Happens if Your Water Pressure is Too High in Lebanon, MO? High Bill, Less Hot Water & More

Most homeowners notice when the water pressure is too low, and it is a common complaint when it happens. However, few people realize there are downsides of water pressure that is too high. As it can cost you money on repairs and replacements, excessively high-water pressure can wear down pipes and appliances in fact. Since…

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Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid in Conway, MO; 90 Degree Fittings, No Plumbing Inspection & More

When you have a bathroom that simply isn’t functional, it can be frustrating. This often leads homeowners to turn to remodeling to get the bathroom that they have been searching for. It is important whenever you are remodeling a bathroom that you think about one of the most important aspects of it; the plumbing. Without…

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