Sump Pump Making a Loud Humming Vibration, High Pitched Sound or Gurgling Noise in Marshfield, MO

When a sump pump begins to make loud noises and it keeps you up all night long, know that this is a common sign that there is a problem. When the sump pump begins to make noise it can point to a few different problems. Randall’s Plumbing will help troubleshoot why a sump pump will begin to make noise and when to seek out sump pump repairs.

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

To troubleshoot why a sump pump is making loud noises it is good to cover a few basics first. To begin with, a sump pump is an appliance that is installed in basements or crawl spaces. The primary purpose of the pyump is to remove any accumulating rain water that may seep into the home. They are typically installed next to or in conjunction with a drain that then sends the water through the sump pump and into a pit. There are three major types of sump pumps. To properly troubleshoot a noisy sump pump it is important to know which one you have in your home.

Types of Sump Pumps

• Water Powered Sump Pump – This type of sump pump doesn’t use a motor which means you shouldn’t hear much noise due to a failing motor. Water powered sump pumps are one of the weaker types of sump pump and are used in moderate climates.
• Pedestal Sump Pump – This type of sump pump is motorized and is installed above the waterline. Pedestal sump pumps are easily accessed and maintained. Pedestal sump pumps tend to be a bit louder naturally as they are above the water. However if a pedestal sump pump makes more noise than normal, make sure to inspect the issue.
• Submersible Sump Pump – This sump pump is installed under the water line which helps to muffle out some of the noise of the motor. However, since it is installed under the water line, the sump pump is in contact with moisture which leads to rust and other wear and tear.

Troubleshooting Loud Sump Pump Noise

Banging – When you hear a banging noise, almost like someone is hitting a pipe with a hammer, this is a never a good sound. When you hear banging, quickly turn off the sump pump. In most cases the banging sound is the stem valve that may have run open. The valve works like a door opening and closing, when the valve system breaks it will bang open and closed. The stem valve will most likely need to be repaired.
Gurgling – When you hear a rumbling sound much like a car idling, it may be due to the sump pump vibrating against the wall. This is a common noise to hear in older sump pumps. Luckily the sump pump is not in danger. You can install a rubber padding between the wall and the sump pump to reduce the noise.
Rattling or Clanging – If you begin to hear a rattling or clanging sound that seems to be coming from the pipes, this occurs when there is a lot of water running through the pipe. Again, the sump pump is not damaged or breaking down. You can reduce the noise by adding insulation around the pipes as long as they are above the water line.
Beeping – A beeping noise coming from the sump pump is the system alarm to the sump pump’s back up system. Not all homeowners will install a backup battery system for their sump pump. For those that did invest in a back up battery system the beeping is the alarm system saying the battery is low.

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