Plumbing Pipe Material Types in Marshfield, MO; PEX, PVC, Copper, Galvanized Steel & Cast Iron Pipes

In the past, there were only two different types of pipes to choose from, galvanized steel and cast iron. Today, it isn’t so cut and dry as it used to be when deciding which type of pipe to put in your home. There are several different types that can be used in many different circumstances. Randall’s Plumbing is here to talk about different types of pipes you have available to you and what they are usually used for.

PEX Pipe

This pipe is the newest pipe and quickly becoming the most popular choice in homes. It is made of cross-linked polyethylene and is extremely flexible. It is always color-coded blue for cold water and red for hot water to make it extremely easy to know what you are dealing with. It is rigid enough to handle the pressure that comes with a water supply but is easily twisted and bent throughout walls in homes.

PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is a rigid white pipe that is a popular choice for long runs in irrigation but can be used in many other settings as well. It can last up to 100 years and is a durable choice for your plumbing project. It is much lighter than other metal pipes and has the size of the pipe clearly marked on the side of the white pipe. This pipe is glued together with the use of solvents.

Copper Pipe

Copper pipes are usually used for main water lines within homes. You can’t simply glue these pipes together like others though. The pipes have to be soldered together which takes an extra bit of training and expertise to get right. This is a great choice in pipes though because it doesn’t pose any health risk to your water lines. The pipe is easy to recycle and can actually be sold for a profit if you have any extra scraps.

Galvanized Steel & Cast Iron Pipes

Like mentioned above, these are two popular pipes used in older homes. These pipes aren’t used anymore because over time, you run into problems like rust and corrosion. In fact, you may find that these old pipes can completely rust through, leaving you with a gigantic mess on your hands. They are both difficult to work with and most retrofits will replace these pipes for pipes that are much easier to work with.

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