How to Find a Broken Pipe to Stop the Leak in Conway, MO; Low Water Pressure, Running Water Noise & More

When a pipe breaks they can be hard to detect and locate. Depending on the nature of the pipe, some breaks may occur in the drainage system which will have much slower leaks, but constant ones. Supply lines will be much more obvious as they will constantly leak water, leading to puddling or flooding. As pipes run throughout a home they can be hard to find when they need repair. Randall’s Plumbing will share how to detect and locate broken pipes to prevent major damages to your home.

Broken Pipes Leak!

Broken pipes are not a common problem, but when they do happen, they can cause major water damage in the walls, ceiling, in the foundation and inside the home. Depending on the home and its plumbing layout, pipes can run through walls, in ceilings, and even underneath the foundation of the home. Locating a broken pipe can be a major challenge. Following are some of the ways to detect and locate broken pipes if they occur inside the home.

Pipes Making Running Water Sound or Other Loud Noise

When plumbing systems are designed, there are a number of elements that are considered, one being noise. A plumbing system shouldn’t make a lot of noise as they are made with soundproof pipes. If you are hearing strange noises, such as running water or dripping that is coming from pipes or the wall, this is a sign that there is a break. You can often trace the location of the break as the noises tend to get much louder.

Why Does My House Smell Musty?

When there is a bad odor coming from inside the home this can point to a broken pipe. Pipes, when they break, can produce a musty mold like smell. If the sewer line is broken you will notice a sewage smell. Drywall also has a distinct odor when it gets wet. When these odors appear they are a clear sign of a broken pipe. Unfortunately, the odor can be misleading when you attempt to locate the site of the break. However, the odor will be strongest near the site of the break which can help get you near the right spot.

Leaking Water Pipes

Leaks in walls and ceilings will first appear as water stains. If the leak is heavy enough it will begin to drip and puddle inside the home. If a pipe break outside the home the leaking water will cause a muddy spot to form. Leaks can help point you to the direct location of the break, but only if the leak is detected early enough. As the water spreads, the puddle gets bigger making it hard to locate the site of the break.

Low Water Pressure

Another sign there is a leak is when the water pressure decreases. Low water pressure occurs when there is a break in the water supply line. Due to the break, water is flowing out of the pipe which will cause the pressure to become weaker. When there is low water pressure you have a break. However, low water pressure will not show you where the location of the break is. At times the break can occur outside the home or even underneath it which makes it much harder to locate. Often to locate the break, you may need help from a professional plumbing service.

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