How to Add a Bathroom to Your Basement in Lebanon, MO; Permit, Tie into Existing Plumbing, Drainage, Design & More

If you don’t have a bathroom in your basement, you can see a large increase in your home value when you add one. Sometimes adding a bathroom in the basement can seem like a hurdle too big to get over. However, with some planning and some help it is completely doable and a smart upgrade. Randall’s Plumbing is here to talk about the planning process as well as execution so that your basement bathroom addition is a success.

Basement Bathroom with Rough-In Plumbing

When you are making a plan for a basement bathroom that isn’t already roughed in, it can get expensive. This is why some people don’t attempt it. If there isn’t plumbing there, you are going to need to make a plan for where you would like your bathroom. The cost varies of course, but you can plan on it being pricey. If you have a basement that has a bathroom already roughed in, adding a bathroom is definitely something that is worth your while.

How to Add a Bathroom to the Basement

If you aren’t a plumber, it is probably best that you consult with one before you start to embark on this project. Adding a bathroom to the basement isn’t anything like adding one to the main level of your home. Following are the steps that you must take when planning the bathroom in your basement.
– Do I Need a Permit to Build a Bathroom in My Basement?: Before you do anything, you need to be in contact with your local building authority. You have zoning ordinances, deeds, permits and other hurdles that you will likely have to take care of before moving forward.
– Tie into Existing Plumbing: If you are looking to save yourself time, money and a headache, you will do best to put your bathroom next to some plumbing that is already there. If the plumbing is near plumbing that is already there, the process is much quicker.
– Choose Bathroom Design: You now need to decide what kind of bathroom you are wanting. Are you looking for a full bath with a bathtub/shower combo, just a shower or simply a toilet and sink? No matter which one you choose, you will need proper ventilation that will remove the moisture from the room.
– Drainage in Basement: This is another big one. When you add a bathroom to the main level, gravity takes care of drainage for you. Adding the bathroom in the basement is different. If you don’t have enough of a fall for the drainage to work properly, you may have to consider other options.

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Adding a bathroom to the basement is no small undertaking. It isn’t a project that the average DIYer can handle on their own. That’s why Randall’s Plumbing is here to help ensure the bathroom you add in your basement is not only up to code but will work as a functioning space that makes life easier for your family. Call us today!

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