Diagnosing Sump Pump Plumbing Problems in Lebanon, MO; Loss of Power, Bad Float Switch & More

If you have a basement and a high water table, you may find that you have a sump pump located in your basement. Many homeowners don’t give much thought to the sump pump in their home, but this appliance is an important one that offers your home’s foundation an added layer of protection. Randall’s Plumbing is here to talk about why your sump pump is so important, and what problems you may face with your sump pump at times and who to call to fix them!

Importance of a Sump Pump in the Basement Under Your House

The sump pump in your home is made up of two parts: the float switch and mechanical pump. You will find it in your basement, perfectly placed in a sump pit. It plays a role in protecting your foundation and basement from flooding when the water level is high enough. As the water level rises, the water will fill the sump pit until it activates the float switch. Once this happens, the water is pumped out of a discharge pipe away from the house and foundation. Not only will your sump pump keep your basement from flooding, but it also removes moisture that can lead to mold and mildew growth in your basement.

Sump Pump Running But Not Pumping & Other Problems

When something goes wrong with your sump pump, it can mean trouble for your home. This is especially true when it happens during the wet season in your area. Following are some of the most common problems and what can be done to solve them.
Loss of Power to Sump Pump: Most sump pumps run on electricity and when you lose that, you can have a problem. You should be checking your sump pump regularly to ensure it is working properly and has the power it needs to do its job. Many people buy a battery backup to avoid this problem
Motor Failure: If your sump pump seems to have the power that it needs to work, but it still isn’t running, you could be facing motor failure. This will mean that you need to replace it entirely with a new one.
Faulty or Failing Discharge Sump Pump Pipe: The type of pipe needed for your sump pump will depend on the specific runoff conditions of your home. You may just need to have a simple pipe that discharges the water a few feet from your home, but if your runoff is higher, you may need to have an underground discharge pipe installed that discharges the water far from the house.
Sump Pump Float Switch Failure: Sump pump floats are a lot like the float in the back of your toilet. When they get stuck and aren’t working properly, you could end up with a major flood on your hands. IF this is the case, replace the float switch with a new one.

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