Does Pouring DIY Chemical Liquid Drain Cleaner Down Drains Damage Pipes in Lebanon, MO?

A rather obnoxious problem to contend with, that is also incredibly common, are drain clogs, particularly in the bathroom. The ideal solution recommended by most industry professionals, is to rely on a plunger, muscle, and some patience in order to remedy the clogged drain. Unfortunately, homeowners are programmed to utilize liquid drain cleaners that are inexpensive and readily found on most department and grocery store shelves. These products are marketed to have you believe they are the best solution to combat your obstructed drains and are the most effective “go-to” method but they are definitely not! Randall’s Plumbing outlines why chemical liquid drain cleaners should be avoided at all costs.

Why are Liquid Drain Cleaners Bad for Your Plumbing Pipes?

Liquid cleaners should be avoided as most professionals recommend their customers stay clear from these chemicals. Because you have been hardwired to think these chemical solutions are more effective than they really are, more often than not, every time you use these harsh chemicals, you are doing more harm than good on your plumbing. Not only the plumbing, but their high toxicity is also harmful to the environment. There are better solutions when it comes to dealing with clogged drains than damaging chemical liquid cleaners, and we at Randall’s Plumbing would like to further elaborate on it.

Liquid Drain Cleaners Don’t Work

A more accurate description, drain openers is a common reference to the drain cleaners you are familiar with. These products are designed to cut through the clog, as opposed to the professional approach of using a drain snake or a hydro jet that efficiently cleans the pipe, clog and all. Though it may seem the product did its job since the drain appears to be functioning, the liquid cleaners only add to the problem as they leave behind residues that create new clogs, causing people to use the product again and again.

Liquid Drain Cleaner Ingredients are Not Safe for Pipes

As mentioned, the illusion of efficiency is due to the liquid drain cleaners being manufactured of acid compounds in order for it cut through the clogs. As touched on before, the chemical lingers in the pipes which continue to eat away at the pipe and weakens it because of acidic that is strong enough to cut through the clogs also corrodes the metal and plastic piping. Where these chemicals left the pipes weak, they are vulnerable to breaks and leaks. The chemical drain cleaner will rest in your pipes from the denser clogs, worsening the compaction.

Chemical Drain Cleaners are Toxic

Due to the acidic content, chemical drain cleaners are capable of eating through clogs in plastic and even metal piping. The high toxicity of these products only presumes the highly hazardous substance that is being handled. The chemicals that can harm the skin or anywhere near your eyes are common ingredients, including lye and sulfuric acid, among other chemicals. Your eyes are aggravated in addition to the respiratory system when you pour the liquid drain cleaner down the drain and the vapors rising in the air can be harmful.

Drain Cleaners are Bad for the Environment

Using a chemical that is hazardous to your health and can damage your plumbing will naturally have a negative impact on the environment. Some of the product residues will remain behind in the bottle once you have finished the bottle. The container deposited into a landfill where the chemical seeps into the ground will likely end up in groundwater where acidic chemicals will harm the nature after you disposed of the seemingly empty container.

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